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Sport & Physical Activity

Sport & Physical Activity

At Advanced Early Learning, we offer a sports program that provides children with daily physical activities and allows children to learn social skills and practise taking turns. Our sports program also helps children to learn about and better understand their bodies, and encourages them to enjoy being active, which helps to develop healthy lifelong habits.

At Advanced Early Learning, we ensure that key physical activity recommendations within the NSW Health’ Munch and Move initiative are embedded in our curriculum. We aim to teach children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical activity and healthy eating.

The key messages behind Munch and Move include:

  • Being active every day.
  • Taking time to switch off screens and be active.
  • Choosing healthy snacks.
  • Choosing to drink water.
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables.

We program age-appropriate supervised physical activities that encourage vigorous, active play in both our indoor and outdoor environments. Our play environments are designed to initiate and encourage interest and activity. Through both structured and unstructured activities, your child will develop gross motor skills and fundamental movement skills, such as balance and ball skills, as well as locomotor skills including jumping, running and hopping.