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School Readiness Program

Our school readiness program offers a wide range of stimulating and Educational learning experiences to promote the development of fundamental lifelong learning skills.

Choosing the right Education is one of the most important decisions to make as a parent, so you want to get it right from the start.

Studies show that children who attend preschool are better equipped to deal with the challenges of primary school. As experts in child development we understand the difficulties children can face when they are not properly equipped with the skills necessary to begin their formal learning journey so we here at Advanced Early Learning have designed our School Readiness Program to ensure that we give each child the very best possible start to their Education.

What does our School readiness program look like?

The National Early Years Learning Framework is the foundation of our program and guides the curriculum to support smooth transitions from prep school into primary school. Our school readiness program is created by industry professionals in collaboration with our families to meet each child’s individual learning needs.

Children will engage in both formal and informal educational experiences that foster a passion for learning as they gain a range of learning tools to build their knowledge and understanding such as: problem solving, investigation and exploration, questioning, researching and sharing knowledge.

Our trained Educators will work to support your child to enhance their self-confidence, build resilience to promote positive attitudes and strong emotional wellbeing as these attributes not only have a positive impact on a child’s schooling but all through their life.  

Our program will also build on your child’s academic development below is just a few areas.

- Numeracy skills: broadly includes understandings about numbers, patterns, measurement, spatial awareness and data as well as mathematical thinking,reasoning and counting.      

- Literacy skills:  Pre-Writing and Pre-reading Skills, Expressive and receptive language skills, literacy includes a range of communication mediums including music, movement, dance, storytelling, visual arts, media and drama,
as well as talking, reading, writing and phonics.

- Excursions and projects to stimulate your child's flourishing imagination and curiosity.

- Mathematical and numeracy Knowledge, challenge Cognitive abilities, increase recall and sequencing skills.

- Social development skills to help your child to create and maintain healthy relationships, and to relate to others through respectful and clear communication.

- Endless opportunities for imaginative exploration, leading to confident, creative self-expression.

- Opportunities to develop efficient independence, attentiveness and self-correction.

- Advanced development of communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking