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Early Phonics Literacy Skills

Early Phonics Literacy Skills

At Advanced Early Learning, we offer an early phonics program which is provided to toddlers and pre-school children as an early introduction
to the literacy skills that children develop throughout their school lives.

Phonics is about making a connection between written letters and the sounds they make. Our program will help your child to develop the ability to hear and speak the sounds of words, and to recognise the letters of the alphabet and say the sounds that they make. We will help your child to learn how to identify written letters and words, and talk about their sounds and meanings.

As part of our Early Phonics program, we will program age-appropriate activities for different age groups. We will provide frequent opportunities for children to explore and practise their growing phonics knowledge by using engaging and interactive activities that encourage them to think about and create sounds and letters. We also implement a letter of the week for the children and encourage them to explore the sounds, meanings and ideas that each letter presents.

Through play-based learning and more structured learning activities, we will help your child to begin building the literacy and communication skills that they will use throughout their school career.