FunFit Kidz by Active Beginnings is a movement established to get young children active to curb the global trend of childhood obesity and to accelerate gross motor skill development. Laying the foundations for healthy movement and an active lifestyle that they can take with them into later life.

The FunFit Kidz program is exclusive to childcare and integrated into the outdoor curriculum here at ADVANCED Early Learning.

A structured syllabus has been designed to teach essential movement and coordination based skills. The sessions achieve this through enjoyable, thought provoking, team-based activities, that not only develop individual health and fitness, but challenge the students on both an intellectual and cooperative level.

‘We’re more than just Sports’ [they say] as they use various sports as the vehicle to explore challenges through movement to instill self- belief, confidence and resilience through play in a safe and positive environment.

Since 2019, Active Beginnings have been delivering the highest standards of outdoor play for children with qualified coaches including fitness and Exercise Physiology.

What is FunFit Kidz? – We’re MORE THAN just Sports.

TWO Coach commitment to your child’s education and development.
GROSS MOTOR REPORT cards to partner with parents in the physical development of their children.
WEEKLY EMAIL for Parents about what their child did at FunFit Kidz each week and why it’s important for their development.
40 Individual weeks of Gross motor activity designed by Human Movement specialists qualified in Exercise Physiology and sport science to ensure your child does not do the same thing week in and week out.
Their social media Instagram , Facebook and website also illustrates what the Active Beginnings community is all about. ActiveBeginningsAU