Preschool room routine.

7:00am – Advanced Early Learning opens

Good morning! Welcome to another day of learning and exploring with Advanced Early Learning. Upon arrival, all parents are required to sign in at the front desk. Please place your child’s belongings in their locker. When entering the classroom, please remember to knock on the door, and wait to be greeted by your child’s educators. We encourage families to say goodbye at the door so as not to disturb the other children’s work.

7:30am – the Advanced Early Learning work cycle begins

For the first three hours of the day, our preschoolers participate in the Advanced Early Learning work cycle. During this time, children freely choose to work with an Advanced Early Learning activity from one of our curriculum areas. Children may work with one material for the whole work cycle, or move freely from one activity to the next. New children are guided through the activities and lessons by Advanced Early Learning's trained educators.

9:30am – progressive morning tea

Morning tea is provided by Advanced Early Learning and is usually fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese and milk or similar healthy snacks. Morning tea is served during the Advanced Early Learning work cycle, allowing children to continue working with their materials if they choose to do so. Children serve their own food and pour their own milk to develop fine motor skills and practical life skills. Children also assist with packing away at the end of the meal.

10:00am – the Advanced Early Learning work cycle ends

Children conclude their Advanced Early Learning activities and pack away their materials. Packing away is an important part of learning how to take care of materials and the classroom environment. It allows children to learn the order of the materials in their classroom environment and take pride in returning objects to their rightful place.

10:30am – outdoor play

After the Advanced Early Learning work cycle, it's outdoor play time! Our prepared outdoor environments are designed to encourage curiosity and activity. This environment is set up daily, with rotating activities to meet your child’s developmental needs and interests. Outdoor play is a time for the preschoolers to socialise with other age groups and exercise their gross motor skills. This is a wonderful time to foster imitative learning, collaboration and nurturing of younger children.

11:15am – group time

Group time is key part of our Preschool program. This is because it allows the class to develop a strong sense of community through shared learning and experiences. Group time activities for our preschoolers typically include such things as show and tell, project-based interest activities, grace and courtesy, language and writing skills, geography study and arts and crafts.

12:00pm – lunch time

Working hard is hungry work! Advanced Early Learning services provides 5 multi-cultural nutritious meals, so your child will never go hungry. In doing so your child is encouraged to learn about foods from different cultures, encourages food-based discussions, and fosters a greater understanding of healthy eating. All our meals are freshly made daily by our onsite qualified chef. 

12:30pm – rest time

After lunch is rest time for our preschoolers. Each child has their own floor bed and will rest listing to soft music. Children who do not need a day sleep participate in quiet activities such as story time, colouring-in or working with our Advanced Early Learning materials.

2:00pm – preschoolers wake up

At 2:00pm, children begin to wake up and pack away their bedding. Educators ensure that each child’s bedding is packed away in their own bag, ready for the next day. Once everyone has been packed away, the children prepare for afternoon tea and outdoor play. Children’s bedding goes home at the end of each day.

2.45pm – communal afternoon tea and outdoor play

Advanced Early Learning provides a nutritious afternoon tea that usually consists of fruit, rice crackers, vegetable sticks or other healthy snacks. Afternoon tea may be held in the classroom or as an outdoor picnic, dependent on the weather. Once children have finished eating, they participate in outdoor activities such as games that develop gross motor skills, dramatic play, gardening activities and sandpit play.

4.45pm – late snack and indoor play

Preschoolers come back inside the classroom at around 4.45pm for a late snack and to begin winding down for the day. During this time, children are again provided with the opportunity to continue working with the Advanced Early Learning materials. Otherwise, they participate in quiet group time activities or work on interest projects.

6:00pm – Advanced Early Learning closes

Good evening, and welcome back! Your little one is now ready to go home after a wonderful day of learning and fun. Your child’s educators will greet you at the door and help you collect your child’s belongings. If you have any questions, such as how your child slept or how much they ate, our friendly team of educators are more than happy to assist.

*Throughout the day, frequent toilet times and/or nappy changes are scheduled for the children, and our educators regularly check if your child requires an extra nappy change.

*There are facilities for children to wash their hands before and after every meal and toilet break, and as needed.