Advanced Early Learning's difference


From birth, children begin to explore how the social world works. Exploring and learning to manage feelings, behaviour and rights and responsibilities is a complex process.

Our educators play an important role in supporting children to regulate their behaviour. Positive, respectful daily interactions with other children and adults can help your child to learn about interdependence and to become a considerate citizen. These relationships provide a solid foundation from which to guide and support your child as they develop the self-confidence and skills to manage their own behaviour, make decisions and relate positively and effectively to others.

We strive to help each child's social development by:

  • Promoting the importance of respecting others.
  • Promoting the importance of understanding emotions in others.
  • Teaching skills in managing conflict and regulating emotions.
  • Teaching the value of taking turns and sharing.
  • Promoting the importance of including other children, and other children's ideas, in play.
  • Encouraging communication and self-expression.
  • Teaching the value of talking and listening.
  • Fostering the development of empathy and encouraging and rewarding kindness and positive behaviours.
  • Modelling positive friendship behaviours and social skills.
  • Teaching the importance of cooperation.
  • Encouraging the development of a positive self-identity and self-confidence.