Advanced Early Learning's difference



Advanced Early Learning Childcare Centre aims to promote children’s participation in physical activity by:

  • Planning and implementing intentional teaching of fundamental movement skills to support the physical development of children of all ages.
  • Fostering children’s fundamental movement skills through role modelling.
  • Seeking opportunities within the daily routine for spontaneous play.
  • Providing opportunities for children to be active through a balance of planned and spontaneous experiences within the indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Providing active play experiences that encourage children to explore, be creative and challenge their development.
  • Providing space, time and resources for children to revisit and practise fundamental movement skills and engage in active play.
  • Providing opportunities for educators to attend professional development training to enhance their skills and knowledge about the importance of physical activity in children.
  • Providing positive instruction, role modelling and advice to children as they develop and improve their fundamental movement skills.
  • Working in collaboration with families and other professionals to provide active experiences that are inclusive of all children.
  • Assisting children to develop daily habits, understanding and skills that support health and wellbeing.

Our management and educators will:

  • Ensure modifications are made in the environment for children with special needs. Management will make appropriate, professional referrals where necessary, with family permission.
  • Ensure a conscious balance between indoor and outdoor experiences is planned for, with large blocks of unstructured time for child-initiated play.
  • Promote children’s physical activity by supporting the development of their gross motor skills and fostering the emergence of fundamental movement skills through a range of intentionally planned and spontaneous active play learning experiences.
  • Ensure key physical activity recommendations within the NSW Health initiative Munch and Move are embedded in our curriculum.
  • Ensure each child is acknowledged for their uniqueness in a positive way.
  • Support each child's efforts, assisting and encouraging them as appropriate.
  • Be consistently aware of and responsive to children who may require additional support, assistance or attention.